Boat People - Life on Latsch Island

Latsch Island is a boat house community of floating houses with approximately 120 residence in Winona, Minnesota. 10 - 20 people reside there in the winter. This place holds a special spot in my heart because my Dad has owned a boat (not a house) there for 22 years. Although our family never lived there, I remember visiting the island frequently as a child. In college, I did my senior photography project on Latsch Island and have wanted to re-visit this idea ever since. I feel grateful that I am able to tell these stories through a video medium after all these years.

Here are some stills that I took quickly while in the middle of shooting video. 

My European Travels // Paris

In August, I took 5 weeks to travel to 5 countries in Europe. It was a goal that I set for myself in 2012 to happen in 2016, and I made it happen. The first half of the trip I did with a friend and the second half I did as a solo trip. I learned two things about myself while on this trip. First, I love traveling solo and can't wait for my next solo adventure. Second, I love traveling in the off-season. My first destination was Paris, and since Paris is such a common city for people to visit, I decided to forego the travel tips. I will be doing more in-depth travel tips for the other places that I went in future blog posts because I like to be helpful. While in Paris, I was a full on tourist, and completely un-ashamed. I know it sounds cliche, but Paris was incredible. I'm still surprised at how much I loved that city. Now that I've seen it in the summer, I need to see it in the winter!

Inspire // Philadelphia

A month ago I flew out to Philadelphia to do another shoot for Inspire, a clean energy company based in Santa Monica. They have offices in Philadelphia, and to cater to their clientele on the east coast, we did a shoot in that area to capture the vibe and feel of the east coast. We created a lot of lifestyle images for their brand book with themes of sun, wind and energy.