Chef Eric // Hoku's Restaurant

I had been wanting to do a video like this for quite some time and when the opportunity to film Chef Eric, the Chef de cuisine at Hoku’s Restaurant at the Kahala Hotel in Oahu, I knew it would be a very fun project! Eric is quite the fisherman and I wanted to capture his passion for all the different ways he likes to fish as well as include his family and personal life into the video. His passion isn’t just his job, it’s his lifestyle. It’s welded into all facets of his life because food is shared with friend, family and all those that come to his restaurant. I’m excited to go back to the Kahala this year and do more work for them!

Securian Financial

Last year I was hired by the Minneapolis based Ad agency Little & Co to do Stills and BTS video for their campaign that they shot on location in LA. I got to see the amazing Peking directing duo and witness their process for capturing the spirited and very effortless looking lifestyle moments. Of course, the process is anything but effortless, so it’s really incredible to see the final product appear that way. I really enjoyed this job because I spent the week with folks from Minneapolis and Little & Co, an agency I’ve always wanted to work with. This was the first broadcast campaign that Securian has ever done, and they were quite nervous, but also very appreciative of everything going on. I was happy to be apart of this campaign. I pulled these images off the Little website - I have yet to get my hands on an authentic photo of the billboard photo that’s displaying somewhere in Minneapolis.