New Promos!

Since I like to show my work in more of a story format, I've been designing my latest/favorite work into magazines and sending them to my dream clients. Layout design and the copy that goes into them is a fun creative outlet for me that goes beyond just taking the photos. It's fun and challenging to create something that's the whole package and present them in a finished tangible product. Can't wait to send these out! imagezine_vol2-003imagezine_vol2-002imagezine_vol2-004imagezine_vol2-001

Woodchuck Case Studio

Today's the day that Woodchuck is having their opening party to showcase their new office space. I'm sad I can't be there for it, but last weekend when I was in Minneapolis for a few commissions, I stopped over to see their new space. I was stoked to see my photos from the Fall lookbook that I photographed hanging on the walls. I love seeing my photos printed in this way.