Graton Casino Spot A

I'm super excited to announce that the first TV spot for the Graton Casino is live and airing in the San Francisco bay area! This is one of four spots. This assignment was right up our alley since it was on location and shot in one of my favorite parts of the country, SF and Napa Valley. We spent three days in the bay area filming and had a blast with all the talent and different locations and activities!

The idea for Graton's brand identity, is to build imagery around local bay area residence having the "best day of their life" at the casino, indulging in the many activities to do in the area, and personal moments. They liked our previous work and hired us for this job because of the emotion and personal moments that we capture that seem effortless and genuine.

In the client's interest, this is a password protected video, so please click on the link and enter the password to view. Password: Graton