Sibling Vacation // Kauai and Big Island

This past August, I made it a priority to spend some much needed time with my brother, Ryan. I funded and planned the whole trip for us starting in Kauai and then going to Big Island. Ryan has never been to any of the Hawaiian Islands before, and since I'm so familiar with them, I thought it would be a great first sibling vacation. I found some pretty rad places on air B&B for us to stay at and obviously I rented a jeep so we could splash around in the mud and rain. One thing I was reminded of about Ryan from when we were kids is that he's always noticing the animals and the tiniest of details. I approach life with a huge picture in mind such as creating a massive itinerary and he was pointing out the smallest reptiles and microscopic water beads on the plant life. Some things never change!

It's so rewarding to finally be in a place in life where we can both do this, and I have every intention of making this an annual venture. Looking back on my life during my teens and early twenties, I have a few regrets with spending too much time with friends and their families and people I will never be related to instead of prioritizing my own family, which matters the most. I'm still a huge fan of having photos made into albums, so I also made these photos into a book for him for Christmas.