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Woodchuck Case Studio

Today's the day that Woodchuck is having their opening party to showcase their new office space. I'm sad I can't be there for it, but last weekend when I was in Minneapolis for a few commissions, I stopped over to see their new space. I was stoked to see my photos from the Fall lookbook that I photographed hanging on the walls. I love seeing my photos printed in this way.

Woodchuck Case Fall Look Book

Here's just a few frames I pulled from a recent lifestyle shoot for Woodchuckcase.com for their branding and website marketing. This shoot was a lot of fun for me as I felt it was right up my alley. I also have a lot of their products fused with my branding as well since I commissioned them over the summer to do my portfolio case, book and iPad. I loved working with the whole crew for this shoot! Please go here to check out the little commercial we did! H&MU: Laura Westrem Artistry

Models: Ben VW (owner), Kevin (co-owner), Sarah, Nicole

Video: Daniel Zhu

Production, Styling, Photography: Jennifer Whalen