My World Infinite!

In December, I took a wild adventure to SE Asia (and Japan). I got a small chunk of money from a start up media company to make some short doc videos (used to build their travel channel). The incentive was just enough since I've always wanted to visit all those countries. I went with my video partner, Dan, and first Japan, then Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and last Vietnam. 

With all the tourism work that I've been doing the last couple of years, I've been wanting to dig a little deeper and make more artful documentary work. After all, I have two majors in fine Art and journalism.

I wasn't ready to fully dive into a heavy topic that would take weeks, months or even years to finish. I wanted to make a handful of shorter, light-hearted doc style videos that had an inspiring and positive tone. I like the theme of contrast -- juxtaposing two identities or two unlikely lifestyles together.

Having the opportunity to travel the world and create these little videos has been so inspiring for me.