Made into a Warrior - Living as an Inter-sexed Hawaiian

While in Hawaii for work on Maui, I made a two day trip to Kauai to do a video story on Kai. I met her through a group of friends while visiting the island in 2013. For the past year or two, I've wanted to tell her story. I had never met anyone like Kai before and had limited knowledge about this group of people. I didn’t know her story very well, so it was fascinating learning about her during the pre interview and interview. The entirety of her life is very complex and dark at times, and deserves more than an hour to explain. The details get even more complex with her childhood, medical issues, several failed pregnancies, and more.

I like to make videos with a message that inspires us to imagine more; and so I hope this video gives a window into her life and group of people that are misunderstood and underrepresented in mainstream media. The intention is not necessarily to speak on behalf of all intersex people, but if it can reach at least one person out there who is in the same position, Kai and I will call this video a success. 

When I do these videos on my own for personal projects, the most important thing to me is to just get out there and do it, so I keep a pretty simple set-up to stay mobile: Canon 5D Mk IV, various canon lenses, monopod, H1N recorder, small travel tripod, rode mic. I try to do something a little different for each video, so next time, I'll work on using my sennheiser lavs and plugging into my H4N.