Three Hours to School

I wanted to explore the idea of the journey being the inspiration, not necessarily the destination. 

In the city center of Yangon, motorbikes are banned. In Dala, a massive impoverished township, people are too poor to own cars, and even if they did, the streets are not wide enough to drive or park them. For anyone that's been to SE Asia, you know that motorbikes are the main mode of transportation for the working class. The only public transportation that goes from one side to the other is the Ferry. Not being able to easily get into the city center, where all the opportunities are, makes it particularly challenging to better one-self.

For this video production, we had a very small crew. Myself, Dan, my field producer, Ansley, and a translator. We found Ye Wint Aung, a university student that takes 5 modes of transportation to the university for his education in language and poetry. I wanted to explore his mindset and experience of this, so we woke up at 4, got to his place, and did the commute with him. In the edit, I wanted the mood of this arduous commute conveyed as well as glimpses of inspiration and how this experience is shaping him in his formative years. If he is putting this much effort into his education, just think of what he will do with his life!